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The lifestyle you desire in retirement depends on the investment choices you make today.

Investing Smarter

Investing smarter now means reducing the risk of a bad outcome (e.g. a share market crash) and significantly increasing the probability of a better outcome by boosting the risk-adjusted returns you achieve over the next 20-40 years, including in post-retirement.

The way to do this is to take advantage of more intelligent methods of investing and the power of diversification. By shifting money out of the share market and into assets that are focused on cashflow generation rather than the hope of capital appreciation, you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

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01Place a lot less of your total portfolio in shares than the typical super fund.

This shields you from the volatile share market rollercoaster.

03Derive returns from real estate and private assets.

Meaning we are not at the mercy of large swings in public markets, allowing us to access fixed rates of return and cash flows underpinned by government programs, such as the NDIS and public support for childcare.

02Take a highly active approach to investing.

Not a 'buy, hold and hope' approach. Take advantage of illiquid assets and invest in things that benefit society, so we win financially whilst making the world a better place.

04Hedge against inflation.

Invest in assets backed by real estate and investing directly in assets such as gold. These assets have held their value for the last 5000 years and they will continue to.

01 HistoryCreating a brighter future since 2015

Funds that produce more stable returns over time by being less exposed to the share market.

02 TransitionStrategic investment philosophy

A solution modelled around the best managed funds in the world, based on advice from the best investors in the world

03 FutureClarity, simplicity and transparency

Providing education and awareness for our clients. From everyday mums and dads to sophisticated investors.

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