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We have assisted many Australians by providing valuable information and resources to help them plan for a better future and a comfortable retirement.

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A Super Future

A Super Future

Compare Your Super is on a mission to change the lack of clarity around super – not only through education but also by sourcing investment products less exposed to the share market.

After careful consideration, we shifted our focus from providing super comparisons to offering general advice on products that we believe are high-quality offerings. These products aim to reduce exposure to market volatility and maintain a well-balanced portfolio across various asset classes.

Better Lifestyle and a Peace of Mind

The lifestyle you desire in retirement depends on the investment choices you make today.

Securing a better lifestyle and peace of mind in retirement relies on the investment choices you make today. Making smarter investment decisions now can help mitigate the risk of adverse outcomes, such as market downturns, while increasing the likelihood of achieving greater returns over the next 20-40 years, including post-retirement.

One way to achieve this is by exploring intelligent investment strategies and leveraging the power of diversification. By diversifying your portfolio across assets focused on generating cash flow rather than relying solely on capital appreciation, you can significantly enhance your potential for success.

Risk Aversion
Ethical Investing

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