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01 HistoryCreating a brighter future since 2015

Funds that produce more stable returns over time by being less exposed to the share market.

02 TransitionStrategic investment philosophy

A solution modelled around the best managed funds in the world, based on advice from the best investors in the world.

03 FutureClarity, simplicity and transparency

Providing education and awareness for our clients. From everyday mums and dads to sophisticated investors.

A Super Future

Compare Your Super is on a mission to change the lack of clarity around super – not only through education, but also by sourcing investment products less exposed to the share market.

We looked to the market and found a complete ‘turn-key’ solution which clearly outlines how to access sophisticated super structures and secure your money in a safer, more stable environment that provides ongoing and consistent returns.

After careful consideration, we changed our business model from one of providing super comparisons to providing general advice on products that we consider to be ‘best of breed’ offerings that result in our clients being less exposed to a volatile share market and having a well-balanced portfolio across a range of asset classes.

We also focus on products that provide a ‘social good’ by directing capital to investments that produce a positive and meaningful social impact, deriving returns from NDIS funded disability accommodation and special needs childcare centres.

Better Lifestyle, and a Peace of Mind

The lifestyle you desire in retirement depends on the investment choices you make today.

Investing smarter now means reducing the risk of a bad outcome (e.g. a share market crash) and significantly increasing the probability of a greater outcome by boosting the returns you achieve over the next 20-40 years, including in post-retirement.

The way to do this is to take advantage of more intelligent methods of investing and the power of diversification. By shifting money out of the share market and into assets that are focused on cashflow generation rather than the hope of capital appreciation, you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Risk Aversion
Ethical Investing

Life Expectancy and Retirement Statistics

The current average life expectancy in Australia is:

Men 81.2 YEARS
Women 85.3 YEARS

The average age of retirement in Australia is 55.4, meaning that retirement savings need to be able to last at least 25 – 30 years.

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