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Our Story

Compare Your Super was established in 2015 by our Founder and CEO Tas Bartlett, and a team of superannuation and business experts with over 65 years of combined experience.

Since then, we’ve built a network of 174 current team members who throughout various arms of the business share a singular goal – to help as many Australians as we can create a better future and retire more comfortably, with peace of mind.
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Our Mission

Compare’s business focus has always been to help everyday Aussies – mums and dads, active investors, as well as high net-worth individuals, but we have evolved over time.

We started out providing complimentary super comparisons, until we realised we weren’t comparing apples and oranges – we were just comparing slightly different apples.

One thing that has never changed is our commitment to helping our clients learn about a better home for their retirement savings, so they feel empowered today, to make better decisions for their future.

The Problem

Most Australian super funds are heavily geared towards, and invested in, domestic and international stock markets or the ‘equities’ markets.

In previous years, Compare used to complete thousands of super comparisons and discovered that many people go from one average-performing industry or retail fund to another.

There are currently 161 superannuation funds in Australia, and all are invested in the share market. This means 95% of people have the same type of superannuation fund invested in the same volatile, unstable asset class – equities.


OUR EXPERTISEFinding a solution

Compare’s clients are our greatest source of knowledge and innovation.

Many people have come to us wanting a better solution for their retirement savings, asking for a product that is less reliant on the stock market, and possessing:

  • less volatility
  • better safety and security
  • produce more stable ongoing returns

With this, we realised we needed to modernise and adapt to find a practical solution that met our clients’ expectations, so we stopped comparing apples and changed our business model.

Better Safety and Security

Produce More Stable Ongoing Returns

Less Volatility

01 HistoryCreating a brighter future since 2015

Funds that produce more stable returns over time by being less exposed to the share market.

02 TransitionStrategic investment philosophy

A solution modelled around the best managed funds in the world, based on advice from the best investors in the world

03 FutureClarity, simplicity and transparency

Providing education and awareness for our clients. From everyday mums and dads to sophisticated investors.