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Combine your Super into One Account to Maximise Savings

Transferring all of your super into one account is known as Consolidating Super. It reduces costs and makes managing super fund easier.

However, you must choose the ideal super fund for you before consolidating.

Your super can be transferred in a few easy steps for free.

Visit the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on myGov immediately if you’re ready to combine your super.


Why should you combine your super?


You could save time and money by consolidating your super.

If you have all of your super in one account, you can:

  • Spend less by only covering one set of costs
  • lessen the amount of paperwork
  • more readily monitor your super balance
How can a super account be consolidated?


Transfer your other super accounts’ remaining balances into your selected accounts through the ATO, you can accomplish this quickly online:

  • Visit my.gov.au
  • Register for an account or log in
  • Connect your myGov to the ATO account
  • Choose “Super” and then “Manage”
  • Choose “Transfer super” (this option will only be available if you have multiple super accounts).

You can transfer your balance between accounts and see a list of all of your super accounts

As an alternative, you can do the following:

  • Directly contacting the new fund
  • Making use of an ATO rollover form
consolidate your super
Changing Super Funds


The same procedure for consolidating your super should be followed if you only have one super fund and are considering switching.

You might consider shifting your financial resources to:

  • Invest in a fund that offers superior features and services.
  • If a fund has been performing poorly, withdraw your money. 
  • Once you’ve left your job, leave a corporate fund.

Don’t switch super funds right away if you:

  • Your fund underperformed in a single year; evaluate it over five or more years
  • Your pursuit of the best-performing fund from the previous year could backfire in the years to come

Before making a change, don’t forget to check your insurance coverage.



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